Development Partners

SDD works in close partnership with several technical partners representing a broad range of bilateral and multilateral agencies. We have enjoyed extensive technical collaboration with UNFPA in the area of Population and housing censuses, dating back to the 1990 World census round.

In the area of economic and social household surveys, we have a close working relationships with the ADB, UNFPA and UNICEF, with the UNDP Pacific Centre and World Bank providing much appreciated complementary technical support in poverty analysis. We work closely with PFTAC-IMF and the Australian Bureau of Statistics in economic statistics, with UNESCO-UIS in education statistics, and a partnership comprising of 12 agencies, the Brisbane Accord Group provides the basis for a very effective technical collaboration to improve Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (

To ensure our collective technical work has a logical fit with national statistical priorities, we have also enjoyed a successful collaboration with Paris21, in assisting Pacific island countries developing their national Statistical systems, through the development of National Strategies for the Development of Statistics (NSDS). Our technical work would not be possible, without the generous support from key financial partners (which also support many of our technical partners), such as the Australian and New Zealand Government, as well as the Asian Development Bank and its support to our regional household survey program.

United Nations Population Fund
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Asian Development Bank
United Nations Development Programme - Asia-Pacific
Paris 21
Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre - IMF