Sectoral Statistics

Demographic Statistics

Data provided include national population estimates, which are updated at least biannually, as are medium-term population estimated up to 2050. Whenever new demographic information becomes available from population censuses and household surveys, new national population projections are produced, and annual estimates are recalibrated.

Basic demographic statistics include national population numbers disaggregated by 5 year age groups and sex; age dependency and sex ratios; crude birth, death and migration rates; annual population growth rates, including rural and urban growth rates; and key demographic indicators, like fertility, mortality and migrations rates. Additional data, like more detailed vital statistics, can be found on the NMDI website

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Economic Statistics

Historical and current analytical tables of SPC-member countries on Gross Domestic Product, Prices, International Merchandise Trade, Balance of Payments, Tourism Arrivals, Tourism Earnings and Employment. Users can also explore analytical Regional Tables to see how countries are doing relative to each other, and ascertain their relative contribution to the Pacific Region.

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Education Statistics

Education statistics include indicators of access, internal and external efficiency, quality and equity. These statistics are vital to enable countries to make informed decisions for planning, policy and program development, resource allocation, and track their progress on International and Regional commitments including the Education for All (EFA), Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Pacific Education Development Framework. SPC is supporting Education Management Information Systems (EMIS) across the Pacific to enable countries to obtain and utilise this essential information.

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Vital Statistics

Civil Registration is the official routine recording and documenting of vital events in a person’s life such as birth and death, as well as marriage, adoptions and name changes. Vital Statistics is the data produced through these routine collections on births, deaths and causes of death.

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