2nd Pacific Statistic Standing Committee (PSSC) Meeting

Noumea, New Caledonia
Kind of event
Governance Meeting

SPC wishes to advise members that it will convene the 2nd PSSC Meeting.

PSSC was established by the 3rd Regional Conference of Heads of Planning and Statistics at its meeting in July 2010. Its main purpose is to oversee the implementation of the Ten-Year Pacific Statistics Strategy (TYPSS). ​

Useful Materials

Presentation Documents and Links
PSSC Oct 2019 Meeting announcement pdf
PSSC Oct 2019 Provisional Agenda pdf
PSSC Oct 2019 Participants List pdf
PSSC Oct 2019 P1 Agenda Items Action Summary 2018 pdf
PSSC Oct 2019 PPT2b Census and Survey Technical Support Team (CSTS) pptx
PSSC Oct 2019 PPT4 PSMB report to PSSC 2019 pptx
PSSC Oct 2019 PPT5a RMI HIES Experiment pptx
PSSC Oct 2019 PPT5b Kiribati pptx
PSSC Oct 2019 P6 Statistical Collections Financing Facility pdf
PSSC Oct 2019 P6a Statistical Collections Financing Facility + Annex link
PSSC Oct 2019 PPT6 Statistical Collections Financing Facility pptx
PSSC Oct 2019 PPT7 PFTAC 2019 Update pptx
PSSC Oct 2019 PPT8 Monetary poverty measurement guidelines pptx
PSSC Oct 2019 PPT11 Pacific Microdata Library pptx
PSSC Oct 2019 P13 Information Paper Gender Roadmap pdf