What we do

SDD's involvement in the SDGs

SDD is assisting countries to collate the indicator values for SDG indicators, and is maintaining the regional SDG dashboard on behalf of our member countries.

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Technical assistance and projects

The Statistics for Development Division (SDD) plays a key central role in coordinating and supporting the development, production and delivery of official statistics for Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs). This includes a comprehensive technical assistance program across a range of technical areas (click on any of the six "support" tiles below).

The table below details the extent to which SDD engages in the Pacific region, giving a breakdown of workshops, attachments and South-South (now called Peer-to-Peer) assistance activities over the years 2017 and 2018.

Summary of SDD Engagement with PICTS
Workshops conducted and/or partnered 10 9
Attachments hosted 4 9
South-South Technical Assistance mobilised 8 4
Number of PICTs involved 17 16
Number of PICT participants 129 144
      Males (%) 53% 40%
      Females (%) 47% 60%
Country missions to PICTs by SDD staff and/or consultants 47 54
Countries involved American Samoa; Cook Islands; Fiji; FSM; Kiribati; Nauru; Niue; PNG; CNMI; Solomon Islands; Timor Leste; Tokelau; Tonga; Tuvalu; Vanuatu Cook Islands; Fiji; FSM; Guam; Kiribati; Nauru; New Caledonia; Niue; Palau; RMI; Samoa; Solomon  Islands; Tonga Tuvalu; Vanuatu; Wallis & Futuna

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Innovations in SDD

SDD Innovations provides an opportunity for you to participate in shaping the future direction of SDD. As we develop and test new ideas we will post them on this page and ask for you to give us your feedback.

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