About us

The Statistics for Development Division (SDD) is one of SPC’s nine technical divisions and operates from SPC’s headquarters in Noumea, New Caledonia. The bulk of SDD’s sector work focuses on economic and social statistics, with other thematic statistical work covered by other SPC divisions. We have a shared work programme with many of these divisions, including with programmes focusing on agriculture, gender, energy and transport statistics.

The SDD team is comprised of statistical experts including demographers, economists, epidemiologists and social statisticians working alongside technological experts in geographic information systems, database development, data-processing and web development - all supported by highly skilled publications, project management and financial planning staff.

SDD Organisational chart

SDD's goal is to strengthen the capacity of national statistical systems and social and economic planning agencies to provide policy-makers and analysts with important demographic, economic and social indicators for planning and decision-making. Our work is guided by the Ten-Year Pacific Statistics Strategy 2011–2020, and our current work programme is guided by our current Business Plan.

SDD’s core activities revolve around data collection, analysis and dissemination. Along with technical assistance provided during collections, we run specialist training workshops around the Pacific region, and Noumea-based attachments where Pacific Region National Statistics Offices staff work alongside SDD staff on specific projects. Find out more about the work undertaken by SDD on the what we do page, and what is happening with various activities on our Events page.