Brisbane Accord Group (BAG)

The improvement of civil registration vital statistics (CRVS) systems in the Pacific Region requires a diverse set of technical expertise that is not available in any one agency. Recognising this, development and other partners came together in 2010 to form the Brisbane Accord Group (BAG).


BAG is a consortium of agencies which work to improve the quality and availability of birth, death, and cause of death data at both national and regional levels and support universal birth and death registration; and to improve investment outcomes through better coordination between technical partners. BAG partners work with the 15 independent countries and seven territories in the Pacific. The Pacific Community - SPC serves as the secretariat of the partnership.

The Action Plan for Pacific Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (APPCRVS) provides the mechanism by which the Brisbane Accord Group (BAG) coordinate, plan and manage the implementation of technical activities at national and regional level. The objective is to provide decision-makers with the evidence needed for effective planning; to support universal registration recognising the importance of a legal identity in the provision and protection of human rights and good governance, and to better coordinate strategic and technical efforts amongst partners.

The APPCRVS is driven by country needs and issues as articulated through the Strategic Framework for the Development of Pacific Statistics 2022-2030 (TYPSS II)[1] (under which it sits) and input from the member countries of the Pacific Community (SPC), through their national CRVS committees and plans, and direct representation through Pacific Health Information Network (PHIN) and Pacific Civil Registrars Network (PCRN).

Overview of key elements of APPCRVS


Read the Action Plan for Pacific CRVS (APPCRVS) 2023-2026.

Members of the Brisbane Accord Group

Governments of the Pacific Islands and BAG partners have committed to getting all Pacific Islanders “in the picture” through improved birth and death registration, and are committed to the Decade for CRVS for 2015–2024.

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