Business/Strategic plans

SDD’s work is guided by the Strategic Framework for Pacific Statistics 2022–30, which is the long-term strategy that sets the vision, outcome, pathways and key focus areas for this decade for the Pacific region’s statistics system.

The SDD Business Plan 2022–26 outlines the four roles SDD plays for the Pacific Statistics System: 

  • System leader and coordinator 
  • Pooled regional capacity 
  • Support for ongoing operations 
  • Capability building 

We are implementing these through three work programmes: 

SDD Program of Work 1: System Leadership, Governance and Use 

  • System leadership, coordination and governance 
  • Analysis and use 
  • SDGs, gender, disability, human rights and national and regional indicators 

SDD Program of Work 2: Collections 

  • Regular survey and census programme 
  • Administrative data and other productions 
  • Methods and technologies tested and institutionalised 

SDD Program of Work 3: Infrastructure and Dissemination

  • Critical national and regional systems and institutions strengthened 
  • Change programs initiated and supported through implementation