Census and Survey Support

Since the 1990’s SDD has been providing technical assistance and professional capacity development to support a regular programme of population and housing censuses and household surveys in Pacific Island member countries. Our technical support covers all aspects of the census and survey cycle, from questionnaire design and preparation of census cartography, to training of field staff, data processing, tabulation, analysis, and reporting and dissemination of results.

The key collections which SDD provides direct support to are:

  1. Population and housing censuses (PHC);
  2. Household Income and Expenditure Surveys (HIES);
  3. Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS); 
  4. Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS); 
  5. Disability Surveys (DIS); and
  6. Agricultural censuses/surveys.

All scheduled collections are displayed in SDDs Census and Survey Calendar as well as providing access to more than 20 years of census and survey datasets, reports and documentation. 

Census and Survey Calendar


SDD provides the following technical assistance to PICTs conducting statistical collections: 

  1. Planning: stakeholder engagement, collection planning and budgeting, and sample design.
  2. Cartography and household listing: delineation of enumeration areas, household listing training (incl. use of GPS or tablets), delineation of EAs and production of field maps.
  3. Data capture: questionnaire design, user engagement, selection of data capture technology and design of the data capture system.
  4. Field team training: development of field schedule and questionnaire manuals, delivery of training on questionnaire completion, interview approaches, data verification checks and data entry and transfer.
  5. Field work management: interim data quality assessment and field worker refresher training, monitoring of coverage during operations, financial monitoring support and achievement of collection project milestones.
  6. Data editing: data concatenation and aggregation, recoding and encoding, quality assurance and tabulation.
  7. Analysis and reporting: construction of aggregates and preparation of collection report;
  8. Collection documentation and preparation of the final data set: collection documentation in the Pacific Data Catalogue, anonymization and preparation of final data set for dissemination.
  9. Data dissemination, use and capacity transfer: preparation of thematic value added data dissemination products, technical notes and peer reviewed literature, geospatial dissemination (PopGIS), indicator population (National Minimum Development Indicators and Sustainable Development Goals) and capacity building of national statistics office in data use, interpretation and dissemination.

The primary output from these collections is the preparation of a clean data set and a corresponding report which are used by policy makers and planners in multiple fields, including for SDG monitoring, social and economic planning and disaster risk management.


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