Data Dissemination

SDD provides both technical assistance in regards to data and information dissemination as well as supporting the dissemination and use of Pacific statistics for the betterment of PICTs and the region. In doing so SDD is developing a “first class” data dissemination service which includes this "user-focused" website.

SDD is actively focusing on:

  • Encouraging the utilisation of harmonised classifications and statistical standards;
  • Improving metadata and associated documentation;
  • Improving quality and timeliness of outputs;
  • Generating understanding of the importance of official statistics and data; and
  • Lifting user demand.

Below are areas where SDD provides technical assistance and key dissemination-related projects and initiatives:

SDG Dashboard
SDGs in the Pacific

This SDG Dashboard is the regional dissemination platform for the 22 Pacific Island Countries and Territories, and will enable monitoring of progress against the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It holds data on the 132 Pacific Sustainable Development Indicators selected by the region and endorsed by Forum Leaders in the Pacific Roadmap for Sustainable Development.

Learn more about SDD involvment.

Supporting National Statistic Office (NSO) websites

For many years SDD has been supporting National Statistics Offices to maintain their websites and online presence.

This all started through the PRISM project which aimed to develop NSO websites and provide a central hub to link to all of these sites. The PRISM website has now been merged with the SDD website and all the National Statistics Office (NSO) website links can be found at the bottom of each country page (e.g Fiji Country Page). 

SDD is currently helping NSOs to migrate their website to Wordpress throught the NSO websites network project, also providing training material online through youtube videos and blog articles.

National Minimum Development Indicator Database (now .stat)
NMDI webapp

The National Minimum Development Indicator (NMDI) website was a regional database containing 200+ development indicators spanning a broad range of social and economic development applications, including all population-based MDG indicators. This product was very popular and regularly used by Pacific Island planners, development professionals, consultants and students.

SDD is working to ensure (as far as practicable for the region) adherence to international best practice and increase data availability through the appropriate electronic platforms, in the case migrating the NMDI database to dotstat (.stat).

Pacific Microdata Library
Microdata Library

The Pacific Data Hub Microdata Library is an online catalogue that provides a searchable list of Pacific censuses and surveys.

The Microdata Library fits under the regional Pacific Data Hub initiative and focuses on the preservation, cataloguing and dissemination of microdata in/from the Pacific region. It is a collaborative and joint effort between data producers, curators and users.

Learn more about the The Pacific Data Hub Microdata Library.


SDD has a been working with Pacific Island Countries and Territories since 2002 to provide access to data through a mapping application called PopGIS. What was originally a desktop product is now online, user-friendly and even available on mobile devices.

Ad-hoc dissemination products

SDD produces a range of different products (infographics, maps, reports, videos) to support dissemination of various statistics:

Palau world health day

Pocket summary 2015

Pocket summary 2018

SDD User Focus Project

SDD spent 2017-2018 working on a User Focus Project which guided the redevelopment of the current SDD website and helped develop a better understanding of “what users really want”. See the following links for more information about the User Focus Project and the SDD website redevelopment work.

Social Media and LiveChat

SDD uses Twitter (@spc_cps / @spc_live) and news releases to get information out, and also a subscription based email list to notify users of newly released reports and updates to datasets.

Livechat is a front-line service that can help users to find the data and information they need in a timely manner. When we are offline, users can leave a message and we will reply as soon as possible.

If you would like any more information about anything on this website please contact us via LiveChat.