Donor and Development Partners Group

The 2017 meeting of the Heads of Planning and Statistics (HOPS) endorsed the establishment the Pacific Regional Statistics Partnership Program (PRSPP) and of a Five-Year National Statistics Collection Plan, aimed at providing a clear and transparent programme that could be regularly updated and shared with all partners and stakeholders as a basis for improving coordination with National Statistics Offices (NSOs) and between partners and donor agencies. This would then assist in facilitating the development of effective partnerships to improve planning and coordination among all NSOs, partners and TA providers. It would also provide a forum for the discussion of funding and resource mobilisation for the core statistical collection programme.

The Australian and New Zealand Governments, supported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Stats NZ, together with the World Bank are the principal funding agencies for statistics development in the Pacific region. Many other partners and donors are also engaged in providing technical assistance and funding support in their specialist areas, including the Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre (PFTAC) and agencies of the UN system in the region.

The Donor and Development Partner Group (DDPG) is an important component in the Regional Statistics Governance Framework. This technical working group brings together many development partners and donor agencies helping to ensure that all relevant partners have a regular forum through which to provide direct inputs into statistics governance in the Pacific, and to better coordinate their actions and resources in support of statistical developments.

The DDPG normally meets annually, and prior to the meetings of either PSSC or HoPS, thus also providing a platform for greater and more consistent engagement by donor agencies and development partners with PICTs and NSOs.

SPC-SDD, as an intermediary between its Member States and their development partners is responsible for convening the annual donor and development partner group meetings.