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Statistical Meetings and Events Schedule

(Updated on the 22 Oct. 2018)

Date Event Host - Location Type Attendance eligibility
05-07 Dec, 2018 Sub-regional training on medical certification of causes of death
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SPC - Tonga Training / Workshop By Invitation
03-07 Dec, 2018 Workshop on populating labour market indicators and standardising microdata
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SPC, ILO - Noumea, NC Training / Workshop By Invitation
03 Dec, 2018 BAG Meeting SPC - Suva, Fiji Workshop By invitation
21-23 Nov, 2018 ICT Statistics Workshop UN - Nadi, Fiji Training Workshop By Invitation
19-23 Nov, 2018 Regional Training Workshop on the Use of Geographical Information Systems for the Conduct of Agricultural and Population Censuses and Surveys
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SPC - Noumea, NC Workshop By Invitation
05-07 Nov, 2018 Improving Data Dissemination and Use in Pacific Island Countries
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SPC, TDoS - Tonga Workshop By Invitation
01-02 Nov, 2018 1st Pacific Statistics Standing Committee meeting (PSSC)
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SPC - Nadi, Fiji Technical / Planning By Invitation
30-31 Oct, 2018 2nd Pacific Statistics Methods Board (PSMB) Meeting
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SPC - Nadi, Fiji Partners Meeting By Invitation
29 Oct - 02 Nov, 2018 MSG Sub-regional Workshop on Regional Integration & WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement Implementation OCO Workshop By Invitation
22-24 Oct, 2018 UN Meeting
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UN World Data Forum - Dubai, UAE Meeting  
16-19 Oct, 2018 6th Session of the Committee on Statistics “Navigating policy with data to leave no one behind” UNESCAP - Thailand Meeting By Invitation
16-19 Oct, 2018 National Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Stakeholders consultation meeting
Theme: Reviewing progress in the development of the Civil Registration and Vital Statistics system
SPC, Bloomberg data for health/Vital startegy - Honiara, Solomon Islands Meeting By Invitation
15-26 Oct, 2018 Phase 2:  Tonga South-South capacity building through use of Island country experts to assist relatively resource constrained countries SPC - Tonga South-South collaboration  
01-03 Oct, 2018 Sub-regional workshop: Improving storage and archival of civil registration records and documents
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SPC - Suva, Fiji Workshop By Invitation
24-28 Sept, 2018 Pacific Preparatory Meeting for the 6th Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development; Voluntary National Review Workshop UN-DESA, UNESCAP - Nadi, Fiji Forum, Workshop By Invitation
04-13 Sept, 2018 Attachment of two International Merchandise Trade Statistics compilers from Fiji SPC - NC Attachment  
03-07 Sept, 2018 Second Workshop on Developing a Tool for Data Integration into National and Sector Planning UNESCAP - Samoa Workshop By Invitation
31 Aug, 2018 Development and Donor Partners Group meeting SPC - Brisbane, Australia Meeting By Invitation
27-30 Aug, 2018 ABS Pacific Statistics Leadership Forum ABS - Brisbane, Australia Forum By Invitation
20-22 Aug, 2018 CRVSNOW Early Adopters Program Workshop Object Consulting Workshop By Invitation
13-24 Aug, 2018 TA on International Trade Kiribati In country training  
24 July, 2018 Tuvalu HIES dissemination workshop SPC, Tuvalu Workshop  
23 July - 13 Aug, 2018 Kiribati DHS - training SPC - Kiribati In country training  
16-27 July, 2018 Tonga South-South capacity building through use of Island country experts to assist relatively resource constrained countries SPC - Tonga South-South collaboration  
16-27 July, 2018 CSPro and Stata training Participants from Tonga, Guam and Nauru.
This workshop aims to provide to the participants the basic skills required to conduct the main steps of data management during a census or a survey
SPC - Tonga Workshop By Invitation
02-06 July, 2018 Australian Population Association Conference DFAT Conference  
02-06 July, 2018 Development Policy Conference ANU, USP Conference  
02-06 July, 2018 Vanuatu HIES - attachement SPC - NC Attachement  
01-13 July, 2018 Niue CPI - training SPC - Niue In country training  
18-21 June, 2018 Mid-term review of SAMOA Pathway UN - Tonga Forum By Invitation
18 June - 13 July, 2018 RMI HIES Pilot - training SPC - RMI In country training  
11-14 June, 2018 20th Oceania Customs Organisation’s (OCO) Annual Conference
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OCO - Camberra, Australia Conference By Invitation
05-08 June, 2018 First Workshop on Developing a Tool for Data Integration into National and Sector Planning UNESCAP - Samoa Workshop By Invitation
21-31 May, 2018 Data analysis and report writing workshop. Objectives: strengthening  the capacity of countries in the analysis of administrative data generated from civil registration systems with an objective of providing evidence on the performance of civil registration systems and; making this data available for policy and planning (where it meets a sufficient level of quality and completeness)
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SPC, UNESCAP, UNICEF, ABS - Nadi, Fiji Workshop By Invitation
10 May, 2018 Regional Program on Economic Statistics (RPES) Steering Group Meeting UNESCAP - Thailand Meeting By Invitation
07-09 May, 2018 Asia-Pacific Week Seminar and side events UNESCAP - Thailand Seminar By Invitation
3-4 May, 2018 1st Inaugural Methods Board Meeting
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SPC, NZStats - Auckland, New Zealand Meeting By Invitation
23-27 Apr, 2018 SDG Taskforce Working Group PIFS - Suva, Fiji Meeting By Invitation
19-26 Apr, 2018 MICS Data Processing Workshop  
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UNICEF - Istanbul, Turkey Workshop By Invitation
28-30 Mar, 2018 5th Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (APFSD) - The theme of the APFSD is 'Transformations towards sustainable and resilient societies'. The forum will also review in depth the following SDG Goals: 6 (clean water and sanitation), 7 (affordable and clean energy), 11 (sustainable cities and communities), 12 (responsible consumption and production), 15 (life on land) and 17 (partnership for the Goals) UNESCAP Partners Meetings  
19-27 Mar, 2018 Pacific Sustainable Development Social Indicators Survey Design Workshop UNICEF - Nadi, Fiji Workshop  
15 Mar, 2018 15th MSGs Trade Validation Workshop SPC - Vanuatu Workshop By Invitation
11-14, 16 Mar, 2018 TA on Trade  to Vanuatu Statistics Office SPC - Vanuatu In country training  
26 Feb - 2 Mar, 2018 Technical Workshop on International Merchandise Trade Statistics: Focusing on goods traded under preferential trade agreements
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SPC, MSG, PIFS, OCO - Suva, Fiji Workshop By Invitation
25 Feb - 3 Mar, 2018 CRVS innovations conference International Development Research Center (Canadian Center for Excellence for CRVS) - Canada Workshop  
14-16 Nov, 2017 5th Regional Conference of Heads of Planning and Statistics (HOPS)
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SPC - NC Technical / Planning  
13 Nov, 2017 Meeting of the Pacific Statistics Steering Committe (PSSC)
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SPC - NC Technical / Planning  
29 May - 02 June, 2017 Solomon Islands in-country HIES data use and dissemination workshop facilitated by SDD SPC - Solomon Is. Workshop By Invitation
29 May - 01 June, 2017 Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and SDD organized sub-regional workshop on Consumer Price Index (CPI) SPC, ABS Workshop By Invitation
15-19 May, 2017 PRISM - Web Development workshop (combined attachment) to support upgrade of National PRISM Websites using WordPress SPC Workshop By Invitation
27 Mar - 07 Apr, 2017 SIAP and SDD with the assistance of World Bank -  Global Strategy Workshop on Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) using Survey Solutions and Data Analysis and Statistical Software (STATA) based on the new Pacific Model Questionnaire and Household Income and Expenditure Surveys (HIES) SPC, SIAP and World Bank Workshop By Invitation
5-9 Mar, 2018 Kiribati VNR workshop, Technical Assistance SPC, UNDP, UNESCAP - Tarawa, Kiribati In country training  
27 Feb - 13 Mar, 2017 Kiribati in-country Statistics for Development Division (SDD) organized Sub-regional workshop under EMIS project on Technology Support and Information Management Unit (TSIMU) / Train Island Education Coordinators (IEC) and Data Control Officers (DCO) in the use of Survey Solutions SPC - Kiribati Workshop By Invitation
27 Feb - 03 Mar, 2017 Vanuatu National Statistics officer to assist the 2016 Samoa Census scanning SPC - Vanuatu South - South collaboration  
26 Feb - 03 Mar, 2017 Nauru National Statistics officer under SDD guidance, to  conduct a scoping mission in Marshall islands and set methods in place for the compilation of the international merchandise trade statistics using UN recommended standards SPC - Nauru South - South collaboration  
21-24 Feb, 2017 SPC, the New Zealand Registry Office, the Pacific Civil Registrars Network and other BAG partners sub-regional meeting  to review progress against current plans and priorities SPC Workshop By Invitation
21-24 Feb, 2017 FSM in-country organized workshop  on Data communication addressed to National Statistics Officer's staff SPC - FSM Technical Workshop By Invitation