Sub-regional training on medical certification of causes of death

05-07 Dec. 2018, Nuku’alofa, Tonga

The Brisbane Accord Group is in the process of organising a sub-regional training for doctors on medical certification of causes-of-death that will be held on 5-7th December 2018 in the Kingdom of Tonga. This training is jointly organised by SPC, WHO, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Queensland University of Technology, Fiji National University, and UNFPA, and is provided as a part of the Public Health and Pacific Civil Registration and Vital Statistics work programme.

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Tanoa International Dateline Hotel, Nuku’alofa, Tonga

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pdf Agenda 5-7 Dec 2018 0.6MB

Participants list:

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Resource materials:

pdf icon Acting as a witness in legal proceedings GMC 0.8MB

pdf icon COD Certification Scenarios Work BOOK 1MB

pdf icon How to write a medico-legal report AMA 0.7MB

pdf icon MDSR Technical Guidance 1.9MB

Case Studies:

word icon 1. Child death 0.02MB 

word icon 2. Cancer death 0.02MB

word icon 3. CVA Hypertension death 0.02MB

word icon 4. Death due to diseases of the Endocrine system 0.02MB

word icon 5. External causes of death 0.02MB

word icon 6. Deaths due to heart disease 0.02MB

word icon 7. Deaths due to Infectious causes 0.02MB

word icon 8. Maternal deaths 0.02MB

word icon 9. Neonatal deaths 0.02MB

word icon 10. Deaths due to respiratory diseases 0.02MB

word icon 11. Surgical 0.02MB

word icon 12. Deaths due to unknown causes 0.02MB

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word icon 15. Local case examples Country x 0.03MB

word icon 16. Medical Uncertainty Activity 0.2MB

word icon 17. What influences your decision making 0.2MB

word icon 18. Case examples of Maternal Deaths_from Pulane 0.02MB


Ppt icon Introduction 0.8MB

Ppt icon 1. Importance of Cause of Death data 0.8MB

Ppt icon 2. Maternal Death Surveillance and Response 0.8MB

Ppt icon 3. Overview of MCCD and underlying cause of death 2MB

Ppt icon 4. Dealing with uncertainity 0.5MB

Ppt icon 7. Certifying deaths due to external causes IW 0.2MB

Ppt icon 10. Certifying perinatal deaths 1.1MB


For further information please contact: CRVS Advisor, Ms Gloria Mathenge

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