Pacific Statistics Methods Board (PSMB), May Meeting

The first PSMB meeting is taking place in Auckland

New Zealand, 3‐4TH May 2018

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Statistics New Zealand, NZ Mint Building, 48 Greys Avenue


pdf Board - Final Draft Agenda0.2MB

Participants list:

pdf Methods Board Participants list - May 2018 0.2MB


Reference materials:

pdf Board Paper No. 1 - TORs_Final Draft 0.2MB

pdf icon Board Paper No. 2 - Thoughts on potential work of the Board 0.2MB

pdf Board Paper No. 3 - Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys_UNICEF Paper 0.2MB

pdf icon Board Paper No. 4 - Update on Regional statistics activities and partnership program 0.3MB

pdf icon Board Paper No. 5 - Consensual Approach to Poverty Measurement 1MB


pdf icon PSMB Terms of References (ToR)s - Oct 2018 0.3MB

pdf icon PSMB Meeting 1 - Decisions and Recommendations - May 2018 0.3MB


Ppt icon Resourcing the Methods Board_World Bank 0.2MB


For further information please contact: Secretary to the Board, Dr Ofa Ketu'u

Pictures of the Meeting:

PSMB group May 2018 PSMB webcam May 2018