Pacific Statistics Methods Board (PSMB), Oct. Meeting

The second PSMB meeting is taking place in Nadi, Fiji

Nadi, 30-31TH Oct. 2018

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Tanoa International Hotel, Nadi, Fiji


pdf iconPSMB Provisional Agenda 0.3MB

Participants list:

pdf Methods Board Participants list 0.2MB


Reference materials:

pdf icon Doc. 1 - Sharp et al_HIES 0.5MB

Ppt icon Doc. 1.1 - HIES in the Pacific 3.8MB 

pdf icon Doc. 2 - BG Item3j, Guidelines Food Consumption, E 2.0MB 

Ppt icon Doc. 2.1 - LSMS 3.8MB 

Ppt icon Doc 3 - Pr. Gibson 1.7MB 

Ppt icon Doc. 4 - Household Statistics model for PICT 0.7MB

Ppt icon Doc. 6 - Resourcing the Methods Board - World Bank 0.2MB

pdf icon Doc. 7 - Identification of Topics for Future Consideratoin 0.3MB


pdf icon PSMB Nov 2018 Summary Report and Recommendations 0.4MB


For further information please contact: Secretary to the Board, Dr Ofa Ketu'u

Group picture:

PSMB2 2018 group pict