Solomon Islands Education Management System (SIEMIS) enhancements to data visibility and data ownership

27th November 2015

The Pacific EMIS Facility (as part of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community) has completed the first major work in releasing new tools and processes for the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Department (MEHRD) of the Solomon Islands.

Since the early 2000s, SIEMIS data has been maintained and reported through a desktop application (Access/Excel) with data collected primarily through an annual school survey that occurs at the end of the first quarter of the year. This annual survey together with data from several other sources from the divisions are entered into SIEMIS to result in a rich dataset with a strong time-series element.

SIEMIS has been operating at a sufficient level with minimal technical assistance, and is still being used by the ministry staff today – a testament to the software’s design and function. With the inception of the Pacific EMIS Facility there is now an opportunity to evolve the system and to leverage off new technology to improve data visibility not only for Ministry staff but also from the provincial education authorities.

The first stage of this is the release of SIEMIS Online - a robust intranet website serving up data to the already existing database.The facility so far has achieved the following outputs, as part of two intensive in-country missions and additional remote assistance.

  1. Website and database architecture configured and installed in conjunction with the Solomon Islands Government ICT unit

  2. SIEMIS data ‘at-a-glance’ screens for primary and secondary education

  3. School and teacher listings with several selection criteria

  4. School mapping facility for viewing and maintaining school locations. Since the release of this tool last week the SIEMIS data team have been using the application and cross referencing school locations with their own knowledge, as well as their colleagues’ knowledge. At the time of writing over 1000 out of the 1300 operational schools have been mapped

  5. Database integration with other divisional datasets and processes (including exams, inspectorate, school registration, grants, infrastructure, payroll)

  6. Additional tools to summarise and visualise data (charting, school summaries)

SIEMIS Online has already made significant progress towards integrating data from a variety of sources, and we look forward to continuing this momentum through to 2016 with additional features, in order to achieve a one-stop-shop for government staff to view and cross-reference any education data, from which the ministry can make decisions based on evidence.

“Once again thank you for the great work done. Another milestone was achieved in SIEMIS development and everyone is getting excited about SIEMIS Online!” Mike Haukaria, Principal Planning Officer – MEHRD.

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James Hemphill
Lead Developer, Pacific EMIS
27th November 2015