Pacific CRVS

About the Pacific Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS)

The Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) systems register all births and deaths, issue birth and death certificates, and compiles and disseminates vital statistics, including cause of death information. It may also record marriages and divorces.

SPC Statistics for Development Division is a member of the Brisbane Accord Group (BAG) which was established in 2010 to coordinate, facilitate and support investments in the region through collaborative activities.

The Pacific Vital Statistics Action Plan (PVSAP) 2011–2014 was developed by BAG partners to improve vital statistics in the Pacific region, and improve coordination between development partners.

The plan has been endorsed by the Heads of Planning and Statistics and the Pacific Ministers of Health, and sits under the Ten Year Pacific Statistics Strategy, 2011–2020, to ensure CRVS is fully incorporated into regional statistical priorities.

pdfCVRS for SDGs Summary Document



Members of the Brisbane Accord Group are:

Secretariat of the Pacific Community
World Health Organization
University of Quensland
The University of New South Wales
United Nations Population Fund
Queensland University of Technology
Pacific Health Information Network
Pacific Civil Registrars Network
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Fiji National University
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific


Governments of the Pacific Islands and Brisbane Accord Group partners have committed to getting all Pacific Islanders “in the picture” through improved birth and death registration, and are committed to the Decade for CRVS for 2015-2024. 

get in the picture

Pacific Civil Registrars Network (PCRN)

The PCRN is an independent network of Civil Registrars in the Pacific, established in 2014 for sharing knowledge, lessons learned and good practice in Civil Registration among practitioners. The network seeks to foster peer-peer relationships and support in tackling common challenges affecting the implementation of CRVS systems in the region, towards implementation of the Pacific Vital statistics Action Plan (PVSAP) and the Asia-Pacific Regional Action Framework on CRVS.

WHAT WE DO: We provide an opportunity to share information, lessons learned and good practice. This fosters coordination and integration of Civil Registrars’ input and ideas into the implementation of the PVSAP and the Asia Pacific Regional Action Framework for Civil Registration and Vital Statistics. We are supported by the Brisbane Accord Group. Secretariat support is provided by New Zealand.

WHO WE ARE: Membership is open to any Civil Registrar with State or Country level responsible for civil registration or vital statistics, or their nominee. Associate membership has also been extended to relevant partner agencies and businesses. We have members from 36 countries or states, 21 agencies and 12 businesses.

OUR VISION: By 2024, the Civil Registrars across the Pacific will work together in ways that are flexible to local needs, with a shared approach to legislative change, enabling technology and data exchange.

Click here to see PCRN’s strategic plan, recent activities and documents.

More documents are available in our Resources / document library  under Pacific_CRVS folder.