A Census gathers information on population and housing. In most Pacific countries and territories, a Census is carried out every 5 or 10 years. A Census is likely to be the most comprehensive survey a country carries out, as it covers each member of the population, rather than collecting data from a representative sample. Census data enable policy-makers to make informed and relevant decisions, based on current and projected trends.

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Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS)

Demographic and Health Surveys (DHSs) collect information on population, health and nutrition. Ideally, DHSs are carried out every five years and cover subjects including fertility, family planning, maternal and child health, nutrition, and diseases. DHS results inform countries’ population policies, health plans, human development reports, development strategies and national Millennium Development Goal (MDG) reports.

2015 •  pdf iconSolomon Is. DHS Report 4MB
2013 •  pdf iconVanuatu DHS Report 5MB
2012 •  pdf iconTonga DHS Report 4.5MB, pdf iconTonga DHS Factsheets 1.5MB

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Family Health and Safety Surveys

These surveys aim to discover the causes and consequences of domestic violence and related child abuse. The surveys also seek to establish what forms of protection currently exist and help identify ways to reduce the prevalence of domestic violence and child abuse.

2000 • Samoa
2008 • Kiribati, Solomon Islands

Household Income and Expenditure Surveys (HIES)

Household Income and Expenditure Surveys (HIES)s provide information on people’s living conditions and income/expenditure patterns. Data from HIESs are used for rebasing a country’s consumer price index, in the preparation of national accounts and to analyse poverty and hardship in communities.

2015 • Cook Islands, French Polynesia, Kiribati (Survey Indicative dates)
2013/2014 • pdfPalau 3.1MB, pdfSamoa 17.2MB
2012/2013 • pdfFSM 1.6MB, pdfNauru 1.4MB, zipSolomon Islands 6.2MB
2010 • PNG 2009/2010, pdfTuvalu 2010 1.3MB, Vanuatu 2010

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PICTs Major Statistical Collections 2018-2022

Excel icon  PICTS Census and Survey 2018-2022 15 KB

Updated by Collections Team, SDD, 23 Auguste 2018

PACIFIC ISLAND COUNTRIES 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2022+
American Samoa Business Agric PHC     HIES (2025)
Cook Islands LFS     PHC; Agric   LFS (2023)
Fiji HIES; MICS DHS; Agric LFS      
French Polynesia         PHC  
Federated States of Micronesia HIES  PHC DHS   HIES (2023)
Guam HIES Agric PHC      
Kiribati DHS&MICS HIES PHC Disab Agric  LFS (2023) 
Marshall Islands HIES PHC      
Nauru   HIES; DHS&MICS; PHC (mini); LFS   PHC DHS&MICS HIES (2023)
New Caledonia HIES; LFS PHC; LFS DHS; LFS LFS; migration LFS LFS (annually)
Niue   Agric   PHC; LFS    
Northern Mariana Islands   Agric        
Palau HIES PHC; Agric   DHS  
Papua New Guinea   HIES PHC      
Samoa HIES Agric   PHC    
Solomon Islands LFS PHC HIES   DHS; Agric  
Tokelau HIES   PHC    
Tonga LFS; Disab DHS HIES PHC   Agric (2025)
Tuvalu    DHS&MICS   HIES; LFS PHC Disab
Vanuatu HIES PHC; LFS Agric      
Wallis & Futuna PHC HIES        


  1. When more than one statistical collection occurs in the same year, the order of collection is to be confirmed by the relevant National Statistics Office
  2. Agric = Agricultural census / survey
    Business = Business survey
    DHS = Demographic and health survey
    Disab = Disability survey
    HIES = Household income and expenditure survey
    LFS = Labour force survey
    MICS = Multiple indicator cluster survey
    Migration = Migration survey
    PHC = Population and housing census