PICTs Major Statistical Collections 2018-2022

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Updated by Collections Team, SDD, 28 February 2019

PACIFIC ISLAND COUNTRIES 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024+
American Samoa AGR PHC       HIES (2025)
Cook Islands     PHC   LFS  
Federated States of Micronesia HIES PHC DHS-MICS   HIES  
Fiji HIES; AGR EUS   HH Listing    
French Polynesia LFS; HDS LFS LFS LFS; PHC LFS LFS (annually)
Guam HIES; COFA PHC        
Kiribati HIES PHC Disab AGR LFS  
Marshall Islands HIES PHC        
Nauru HH Listing; MICS-DHS (with LFS); Mini HIES   PHC HIES    
New Caledonia PHC; LFS DHS; LFS LFS; Migration LFS LFS LFS (annually)
Niue AGR   PHC      
Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)  AGR; LFS PHC LFS; HIES   HH Listing    
Palau   PHC HIES      
Papua New Guinea   PHC HIES      
Samoa DHS-MICS; AGR AGR  PHC LFS; Disab; Domestic Violence     
Solomon Islands PHC     HIES    
Tokelau HIES; Mini CENSUS   PHC      
Tonga MICS HIES PHC AGR; DHS    AGR (2025)
Tuvalu  DHS-MICS Disab HIES PHC Disab  
Vanuatu HIES PHC   AGR     
Wallis & Futuna HIES DHS        


  1. When more than one statistical collection occurs in the same year, the order of collection is to be confirmed by the relevant National Statistics Office
  2. AGR = Agriculture census / survey
    COFA = Compact of Freely Associated States - survey of immigrants (Palau, FSM & RMI) into Guam
    DHS = Demographic and health survey
    EUS = Employment & Unemployment Survey
    HDS = Household Demographic Survey
    HIES = Household income and expenditure survey
    LFS = Labour force survey
    MICS = Multiple indicator cluster survey
    NSDP = National Strategic Development Plan Survey
    PHC = Population and housing census