A Census gathers information on population and housing. In most Pacific countries and territories, a Census is carried out every 5 or 10 years. A Census is likely to be the most comprehensive survey a country carries out, as it covers each member of the population, rather than collecting data from a representative sample. Census data enable policy-makers to make informed and relevant decisions, based on current and projected trends.

Census Year Country / Territory Census Report Website Link
2018 Wallis and Futuna WF_Census_18     0.3MB Wallis and Futuna
2017 Fiji FJ_Census_17    0.6MB Fiji
2017 French Polynesia PF_Census_17    1MB French Polynesia
2017 Tuvalu TV_Census_17    1MB Tuvalu
2016 Tonga TO_Census_16    5MB Tonga 
2016 Vanuatu VU_Census_16    6MB Vanuatu
2014 New Caledonia NC_Census_14.zip    2.1MB www.isee.nc 
2013 Tokelau Tok_Pop_Count_13    0.1MB tokelau.org.nz
2013 Wallis and Futuna WF_Census_13    4MB statistique.wf
2012 Tuvalu TV_Census_12    2MB Tuvalu
2012 French Polynesia PF_Census_12    4.8MB French Polynesia
2011 Cook Islands CI_Census_11    3.9MB Cook Islands
2011 Marshall Islands MI_Census_11    11.6MB Marshall Islands
2011 Niue Ni_Census_2011    11.2MB Niue
2011 Nauru Na_Census_11    6.7MB Nauru
2011 Samoa Sa_Census_2011    30MB  Samoa
2011 Tokelau Tok_Census_2011    12.5MB Tokelau
2011  Tonga Ton_Census_2011    3MB Tonga 
2010 CNMI CNMI_Census_2010     6MB CNMI
2010 Federated States of Micronesia FSM_Census_2010     0.4MB Federated States of Micronesia
2010 Kiribati Ki_Census_2010.zip    7.9MB  Kiribati
2009 New Caledonia NC_Census_09    1MB New Caledonia
2009 Solomon Islands So_Census_09    4.3MB Solomon Islands
2009 Vanuatu Va_Census_09    6.8MB Vanuatu
2008 Wallis and Futuna WF_Census_08    0.2MB Wallis and Futuna
2007 Fiji Fiji_Census_07    0.3MB Fiji
2007 French Polynesia FP_Census_07    11.6MB French Polynesia
2006 Cook Islands CK_Census_06   8MB Cook Islands
2006 Niue NU_Census_06   3MB Niue
2006 Tokelau TK_Census_06   3MB Tokelau 
2006 Samoa WS_Census_06 3MB Samoa
2005 Kiribati KI_Census_05   1MB Kiribati
2005 Palau PW_Census_05   2MB Palau
2004 New Caledonia   New Caledonia
2003 Wallis and Futuna   Wallis and Futuna
2002 French Polynesia   French Polynesia
2002 Nauru   Nauru
2002 Tuvalu   Tuvalu
2001 Cook Islands CK_Census_01   0.6MB Cook Islands
2001 Niue   Niue
2001 Samoa   Samoa
2000 Federated States of Micronesia   Federated States of Micronesia
2000 Kiribati   Kiribati
2000 CNMI   CNMI
2000 Palau   Palau
2000 Papua New Guinea   Papua New Guinea
1999 Marshall Island   Marshall Island
1999 Solomon Islands   Solomon Islands
1999 Vanuatu   Vanuatu
1997 Niue   Niue
1996 Fiji   Fiji