Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS)

Demographic and Health Surveys (DHSs) collect information on population, health and nutrition. Ideally, DHSs are carried out every five years and cover subjects including fertility, family planning, maternal and child health, nutrition, and diseases. DHS results inform countries’ population policies, health plans, human development reports, development strategies and national Millennium Development Goal (MDG) reports.

2015 •  pdf iconSolomon Is. DHS Report 4MB
2013 •  pdf iconVanuatu DHS Report 5MB
2012 •  pdf iconTonga DHS Report 4.5MB, pdf iconTonga DHS Factsheets 1.5MB
2009 •  Zip icon Kiribati DHS Full Report 4MB
2009 •  pdf iconSamoa DHS Full Report 2.1MB
2007 •  Zip icon Marshall Is. DHS Report 16.2MB
2007 •  Zip icon Nauru DHS Report (Chapters) 3.4MB, Zip icon Nauru DHS Factsheets 2MB
2007 •  Zip icon Solomon Is. DHS Report (Chapters) 2.8MB, Zip icon Solomon Is. Factsheets 1.7MB
2007 •  pdf iconTuvalu DHS Report (Chapters) 3MB, Zip icon Tuvalu Factsheets 0.7MB
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1996 •  PNG