Economic Statistics Regional Data

Pacific Regional Economic and Tourism Data can be viewed on our National Minimum Development Indicator Database (NMDI) Summary Pages.

It is important to note that although these comparisons only show data for the 15 Pacific Countries, we will be extending this to the US and French Territories (with full translation).

  1. Economic Development Indicator Summary (6 Indicators, that range from GDP, CPI, Trade Balance and Tourism Figures)

  2. Agricultural National Economy Indicator Summary (3 Indicators, from Agr/Forestry Exports/Imports as % of Total, and Food CPI)

  3. Expenditure on Health and Education Summary (3 Indicators, including Government Expenditure on Health & Education)

  4. Fisheries & Aquaculture Macro-Economic Indicator Summary (12 Indicators, this includes Coastal/Offshore Catch/ProductionContribution to GDP and Fisheries Exports as % of Total)

    Please click here for an introduction to the National Minimum Developments with some brief tips for how to use the system.