4th Regional Conference of Heads of Planning and Statistics (HOPS 4)

Noumea, New Caledonia
Kind of event

Meeting Aim and Approches

PART 1: Review contributions made by the Statistics for Development Division in collaboration with its development partners to statistical development in the region since our last meeting in July 2010, reporting against the six objectives of the Pacific Statistics Strategy Action Plan, Phase 1 (2011–2014) – the first of three distinct phases of the Ten Year Pacific Statistics Strategy endorsed at HOPS 2010.

Each topic will be introduced by a SDD staff member, followed by short country or agency statements and plenary discussion.

PART 2: This review was jointly commissioned by AusAID and SPC to provide feedback on TYPSS implementation thus far, lessons learned, the ongoing relevance of TYPSS objectives and priorities amidst newly emerging regional and international development policy issues, to guide completion of Phase 1 (2013–2014) and assist in design of Phase 2 (2015–2017) activities.

The review will be introduced by the consultants, followed by a plenary discussion, and subsequent break-out groups, to workshop the implementation of review recommendations.

PART 3: This agenda item has been tabled to address pressing and newly emerging policy matters and their implications on national and regional statistical activities. The selection of topics has been guided by new SPC Corporate Plan and regional policy discussions, as well as in response to requests from some international stakeholders, to have an opportunity to engage with Heads of national statistical agencies of SPC member countries and territories.

Useful Materials

Presentation Documents and Links
HOPS 2013 Information Note pdf
HOPS 2013 Information Note Fr pdf
HOPS 2013 Pariticipants List pdf
HOPS 2013 Agenda pdf
HOPS 2013 D1 WP1.1 Population and housing census pdf
HOPS 2013 D1 WP1.2 Progress in HIES Methodology pdf
HOPS 2013 D1 WP1.3 DHS pdf
HOPS 2013 D1 WP2.1 CRVS pdf
HOPS 2013 D1 IP2.1.2 Tokelau Vital Statistics pdf
HOPS 2013 D1 WP2.2 Health Statistics and Health Information Systems (HIS) pdf
HOPS 2013 D1 WP2.3 Education pdf
HOPS 2013 D2 IP2.4 PFTAC-IMF report to 4th HOPS meeting pdf
HOPS 2013 D2 WP2.4.1 Price and National Accounts pdf
HOPS 2013 D2 WP2.4.2 International Merchandise Trade Statistics (IMTS) in PICTs pdf
HOPS 2013 D2 WP2.4.3 Business Statistics in PICTs pdf
HOPS 2013 D2 WP3.1 SDD Training Activities since last 2010 pdf
HOPS 2013 D2 WP3.2 Report on the 2011 Skills Audit pdf
HOPS 2013 D2 IP3.2 Skills Audit, 2011 pdf
HOPS 2013 D2 WP3.3 Report on South-South technical collaboration pdf
HOPS 2013 D2 WP4.1 Pacific Statistics are Accessible pdf
HOPS 2013 D2 WP5.1 CAPI - Computer Assisted Personal Interviews pdf
HOPS 2013 D2 WP5.2 HIES Field Based Data Capturing and Monitoring CAFE pdf
HOPS 2013 D2 WP5.3 Vanuatu Hybrid Survey pdf
HOPS 2013 D2 WP5.4 Hybdrid Module-6 Culture pdf
HOPS 2013 D2 Session 6 Leadership Brief pdf
HOPS 2013 D2 IP6.1.1 HOPS 2010 Approved TERMS OF REFERENCE pdf
HOPS 2013 D2 IP6.1.2 ABS Briefing paper on TYPSS implementation pdf
HOPS 2013 D2 IP6.1.3 PSSC 5 TYPSS 2011-2020 Report Dec 2012 pdf
HOPS 2013 D2 WP6.2 NS0 strategic planning pdf
HOPS 2013 D3 IP7.1 PSSC Chair - matters and Future workings of TYPSS pdf
HOPS 2013 D4 IP8.1 PSS Action Plan Phase I 2011-2014 MidTerm Independent Evaluation Report link
HOPS 2013 D4 IP9.2 PFTAC-IMF emerging issues HOPS 2010 meeting pdf
HOPS 2013 D4 IP9.5 Disabilty Statistics Exec Summary pdf
HOPS 2013 D5 IP9.6.1 Gender Stats pdf
HOPS 2013 D5 IP9.6.2 UN Statistical Report pdf
HOPS 2013 D5 IP9.6.3 Country worksheet TEMPLATE xlsx
HOPS 2013 D5 IP9.6.4 Gender indicators framework xlsx
HOPS 2013 D5 IP9.6.5 Culture pdf
HOPS 2013 D5 IP9.6.6 Human Development pdf
FAO-SPC Pacific Workshop report July 2012 pdf
SPTO Tourism Statistics - An Assessment pdf
SDP* 2012 Census Workshop FINAL REPORT (Nov 2012) pdf
HOPS 2013 WP and IF FR pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf
HOPS 2013 Presentations Day 1 pptx pptx pptx pptx pptx pptx pptx pptx pptx pptx pptx pdf pptx
HOPS 2013 Presentations Day 2 pptx pptx pptx pptx pptx ppt pptx pptx pptx pptx ppt
HOPS 2013 Presentations Day 3 ppt pptx pptx pptx pptx pptx pptx
HOPS 2013 Presentations Day 4 pptx pptx pptx ppt pptx pptx pptx pptx pptx
HOPS 2013 Presentations Day 5 pptx pptx pptx ppt pptx ppt ppt pptx
Conference Report - Oct 2013 link
HOPS 2013 Appendix 1 Recommendations and action points pdf
HOPS 2013 Annexe 1 Recommendations et actions proposées pdf
HOPS 2013 Appendix 2 Recommendations from the Mid-term Review of TYPPS Phase 1 implementation pdf
HOPS 2013 Appendix 3 PSSC Terms of Reference pdf
HOPS 2013 Annexe 3 Mandat: Comité régional de pilotage de la statistique pdf