Vanuatu CRVS Workshop, September 2014

Port-Vila, Vanuatu
Kind of event
Joint Partner

‚ÄčThe Vanuatu National Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) Taskforce, with the assistance of SPC and other partners (including UNICEF, UNFPA, and WHO), hosted a workshop to prioritize improvements in CRVS in Vanuatu September 2nd-4th. The workshop brought together more than 50 attendees from various Vanuatu Government departments including the Civil Registry Office, National Statistics Office, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Vanuatu Law Commission, National Police, and Secretary Generals from each of the Provinces. Participants discussed the outcomes of a comprehensive assessment of their CRVS system that had been undertaken in November of last year, and determined which areas they wanted to focus on improving.