Regional Workshop on core Statistics/indicators of development including the Pacific Headline SDG indicators

Noumea, New Caledonia
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Under the Ten Year Pacific Statistics Strategy (TYPSS) Phase 2 Objective 2, Pacific island countries and territories (PICTs) are tasked to produce an agreed core set of statistics across key sectors including but not restricted to economics, population, civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS), education and health, as required by their national plans and agreed-upon regional and international reporting frameworks such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with timely analysis and dissemination of results to national and external users. So far, PICTs have not collectively agreed on this “core set of statistics” to guide new data collection. Given the current focus around SDG monitoring/reporting, especially around the so called Pacific Headline SDG Indicators (PHI), there is now an opportunity to engage with relevant stakeholders in the process that would lead to collective agreement on core statistics/indicators.


Using development statistics previously defined and approved from various technical and specialist sector agencies, including the SDG Pacific Headline Indicators, the objective is to present, discuss, and select indicators that may be relevant for development planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting in the Pacific countries. This work is proposed to be undertaken within the framework of TYPSS Phase 2 (2015–2017).

Expected Outcome

The expected workshop output is a draft list of core statistics covering main sectors, including workshop endorsed Pacific SDG Headline Indicators. This list will underpin statistical work in the Pacific Region for the period until 2030.

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Useful Materials

Presentation Documents and Links
RCS 2017 Concept note pdf
RCS 2017 Agenda pdf
RCS 2017 Participants list pdf
Map noumea-south pdf
RCS 2017 D1 Pres1 SDD external review and priorities pptx
RCS 2017 D1 Pres2 PIFS Pacific SDG taskforce on SDG Roadmap pptx
RCS 2017 D1 Pres3 SDD Pacific headline indicators pptx
RCS 2017 D1 Pres4 UNFPA Update on UN SDG data work group pptx
RCS 2017 D1 Pres6.1 ABS Selection of core indicators pptx
RCS 2017 D1 Pres6.2 SDD NMDI ppt
RCS 2017 D1 WP1 Draft proposed set of regional indicators break out session color groups xlsx
RCS 2017 D2 Pres8 SPREP Environmental regional core tatistics pptx
RCS 2017 D2 WP2 SPREP Environmental table 1-indicator list pdf
RCS 2017 D2 Pres9.1 UNFPA-UNESCAP Population data pptx
RCS 2017 D2 Pres9.2 Summary goals 3-4 pptx
RCS 2017 D2 Pres10.1 UIS Indicators for SDG-Education 2030 pptx
RCS 2017 D2 Pres10.2 SDD Education statistics for SDG4 -Education 2030 pptx
RCS 2017 D2 Pres11 WHO Healthy islands monitoring framework pptx
RCS 2017 D2 WP3 Healthy islands monitoring framework v5-2 pdf
RCS 2017 D2 Pres12 SPC-BAG Core CRVS indicators pptx
RCS 2017 D2 UNESCAP Core set of economic statistics-Asia and Pacific pdf
RCS 2017 D2 UNESCAP Core set of gender indicators-Asia and Pacific pdf
RCS 2017 D2 UNESCAP Core set of population and social statistics-Asia and Pacific pdf
RCS 2017 D2 UNESCAP Guide on disability indicators for the Incheon strategy pdf
RCS 2017 D2 UNESCAP Sendai framework for disaster risk reduction global pdf
RCS 2017 D3 WP4 Starting of day 3 pptx
RCS 2017 D3 DFAT Pacific statistics assessment report 14 nov 2016 pdf
RCS 2017 D3 WP5 Environment group work sessions day1-2 xlsx
RCS 2017 D3 WP6 Pacific headline indicators pdf
RCS 2017 D3 Pres14 UNESCAP Technical assistance pptx
RCS 2017 D3 Pres16 ABS The role of partners pptx
RCS 2017 D3 ABS Allen-et-al 2016 indicator based assessment of the SDGs pdf
RCS 2017 D3 ABS-NSS Essential statistical assets for australia pdf
RCS 2017 D3 Pres18 PIFS Next steps SDGs indicators pptx
RCS 2017 D3 Pres19.1 SDD-FAO Core agriculture indicators pptx
RCS 2017 D3 Pres19.2 Pacific food security framework pptx
RCS 2017 D3 Pres19.3 SPC-FAME Regional indicators pdf
RCS 2017 D3 Pres20 WHO WASH in the Pacific pptx
RCS 2017 D3 Pres21 SDD Gender stats frameworks pptx
RCS 2017 D3 P22 SDD Social Pacific indicators statistical priorities pdf
RCS 2017 D3 Pres24 SDD Cultural statistics pptx
RCS 2017 D3 2009 UNESCO Framework cultural statistics link
RCS 2017 D3 Pres25 RRRT Human rights indicators pptx
RCS 2017 D3 2009 UNESCO Framework cultural statistics link
RCS 2017 D4 WP7 Goal indicator summary pdf
RCS 2017 Tier classification of SDG indicators pdf
RCS 2017 PRISM Web development agenda pdf
RCS 2017 Final indicator tally xlsx
Metadata for SDGs pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf