Pacific Regional Workshop on Legal Identity and Identity Security

Noumea, New Caledonia
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The Brisbane Accord Group (BAG) in collaboration with the Public Health division of the Pacific Community (SPC) is organising a regional workshop on Legal Identity and Identity Security. The workshop aims to review progress and to build momentum towards the achievement of target 16.9 of the global sustainable development agenda (which commits states to achieving universal legal identification), and to address critical issues surrounding the establishment of robust civil registration systems including reviewing the role of Health information systems.

This workshop is jointly organised by the Statistics and Public Health Division of the Pacific Community, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the World Health Organisation, the Pacific Civil Registrars Network and the Pacific Health Information Network, and is supported by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 

The workshop brings together Registrar Generals and Health information officials from Pacific Island countries and Territories (PICTs). The workshop is organised in support of commitments made PICTs towards strengthening of their administrative data collection systems, for birth, death and cause of death data, as outlined in the Pacific Vital Statistics Action Plan (PVSAP) and the Ten Year Pacific Statistics Strategy (TYPSS). The workshop further aligns to commitments made by PICTs towards the Asia and Pacific decade for civil registration and vital statistics (2012-2024) and the corresponding regional Action Framework.

Useful Materials

Presentation Documents and Links
Legal ID NC 19 Information Note pdf
Legal ID NC 19 Concept Note pdf
Legal ID NC 19 Agenda FR pdf
Legal ID NC 19 Agenda pdf
Legal ID NC 19 Annotated Agenda pdf
Legal ID NC 19 List of Participants pdf
Legal ID NC 19 P1 Terms and Concepts pdf
Legal ID NC 19 P1 Termes et concepts pdf
Legal ID NC 19 P2 Interrelationship of systems pdf
Legal ID NC 19 P3 CR and Migration pdf
Legal ID NC 19 P4 Global and regional commitments towards univesal legal ID pdf
Legal ID NC 19 P5 UN Guidelines on Legal Framework for CRVS ID Management pdf
Legal ID NC 19 P7 Vital Statistics reporting pdf
Legal ID NC 19 P8 Sharing of Death information across the Pacific pdf
Legal ID Pres1 Welcome activilty pptx
Legal ID Pres2 UN Legal ID Agenda Fulfil the promise to Leave No One Behind pptx
Legal ID Pres3 UNICEF Legal ID, gender equity and women empowerment pptx
Legal ID Pres4 SPC Birth Registration and Legal ID, Child Survival, Development and Protection pptx
Legal ID Pres5 World Bank Principles on ID for Sustainable Development pptx
Legal ID Pres6 UNESCAP Progress and plans against regional and global CRVS commitments pptx
Legal ID Pres7 SPC Perspectives on accelerating progress pptx
Legal ID Pres8 UN Guidelines pptx
Legal ID Pres9 World Bank ID Enabling Environment Assessment (IDEEA) pptx
Legal ID Pres10 SPC Country experiences pptx
Legal ID Pres11 SPC Regional guidelines on IT for CRVS pptx
Legal ID Pres12 NTG Aus Project pptx
Legal ID Pres13 NSW Registry of Births Deaths Marriages pptx
Legal ID Pres14 WHO Global Perspectives pptx
Legal ID Pres15 World Bank Applications in Health pptx
Legal ID Pres16 ABS CRVS for health pptx
Legal ID Pres17 WHO Digital Development perspectives pptx
Legal ID Country-Pres Cook Islands pptx
Legal ID Country-Pres Mariana Islands pptx
Legal ID Country-Pres Fiji pptx
Legal ID Country-Pres Federated States of Micronesia pptx
Legal ID Country-Pres Kiribati pptx
Legal ID Country-Pres Nauru pptx
Legal ID Country-Pres Palau pptx
Legal ID Country-Pres Papua New Guinea pptx
Legal ID Country-Pres Solomon Islands pptx
Legal ID Country-Pres Tokelau pptx
Legal ID Country-Pres Tonga ppt
Legal ID Country-Pres Tuvalu pptx
Legal ID Country-Pres Vanuatu pptx
Legal ID Country-Pres Wallis & Futuna pptx
Legal ID NC 19 Recommendations pdf