NSO Web Administrators Workshop

Noumea, New Caledonia
Kind of event
Joint Partner
New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

​This workshop will bring together web administrators in charge of developing, maintaining or updating National Statistics Office websites. During a full week we will discuss the goals of such websites, how to build and maintain them using Wordpress, and put the theory into practice by creating or improving NSO websites for each participant.
In a nutshell, goals of this workshop are:
- Exchange ideas and experiences
- Properly plan a migration to Wordpress
- Plan and schedule content updates
- Improve technical skills​

New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is acknowledged for its financial support through the Peer-to-Peer exchange programme that is implemented by SPC.

Training Material

Presentation Slides Video
Agenda PDF (0.8Mb)  
01 - Introduction PDF (0.6Mb)  
02 - Principles of Statistics Dissemination PDF (0.8Mb)  
03 - Plan and Design PDF (1.0Mb)  
04 - Wordpress: Introduction PDF (0.9Mb) Video (33')
05 - Wordpress: Configuration & Options PDF (1.5Mb) Video 1/2 (37')
Video 2/2 (22')
06 - Content Structure PDF (1.3Mb) Video (44')
07 - Page Editing & Options PDF (0.7Mb) Video (22')
08 - Gutenberg Editor (basics) PDF (1.0Mb) Video (14')
09 - Divi Page builder (basics) PDF (1.2Mb) Video (18')
10 - Post Writing PDF (0.6Mb) Video (26')
11 - Document Library (plugin) PDF (1.7Mb) Video (32')
12 - Tables and Charts (plugin) PDF (0.9Mb) Video (34')
13 - Contact forms (plugin) PDF (1.2Mb)