Populating education indicators and standardising microdata Workshop

Noumea, New Caledonia
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In the Pacific region numerous administrative processes, censuses and household surveys collect education related data. These data largely remain underutilised. The long time series of underexploited education data sets presents an opportunity to fill gaps – where they exist – in education indicators while building the capacity of national statistical agencies in the Pacific region to analyse and disseminate education data. Similar to statistics on national income, human development and labour force, education statistics should be comparable across countries.

The purpose of this workshop is to improve the harmonising of education data over time, both within and across the various sources of education data to minimise:

  • Time and costs in developing data collections,
  • Respondent burden, and
  • Unnecessary duplication across sources.

and to maximise the:

  • Quality and value of information gained from any single source.
  • Opportunities for the cross-analysis, exchange and re-use of data.
  • Users’ understanding of statistical information and how it can be used to inform the development of more informed policy.

Useful Materials

Presentation Documents and Links
SPC-UIS NC 19 Concept note pdf
SPC-UIS NC 19 Agenda pdf
SPC-UIS NC 19 Participants list pdf
SPC-UIS NC 19 CLA pptx xlsx xlsx xlsx xlsx xlsx xlsx xlsx xlsx
Session 01 - Introduction and setting the scene pptx pptx
Session 02 - Mapping pptx xlsx
Session 03 - Education Indicators from Household surveys pptx
Session 04 - ISCED pptx pptx
Session 05 - Improving HHS pptx
Session 06 - Data Quality merging and cleaning of microdata pptx
Session 07 - Calculating education indicators pptx
Session 08 - Introduction to ADepT pptx
Session 09 - Prefilling UIS Questionnaire Fiji pptx
Session 10 - UNICEF Functional Learning Module pptx
Session 11 - Introduction de Pacific Data Hub pptx
Session 12 - Dissemination Education Data - Communicating Results pptx
Session 13 - Data Dissemination Map pptx
Session 14 - Population Projections and estimates pptx
Session 16 - Simulation Modelling SPC pptx