2020 HIES Regional sampling and planning Workshop

Nadi, Fiji
Kind of event
Joint Partner
Stats NZ, World Bank, UNICEF, ABS

To run a similar workshop to the 2019 HIES Regional Sampling and Planning workshop, with a widening of the scope to include:

  • sampling and planning for LFS in addition to HIES, and sampling for MICS
  • weighting and estimation for HIES, plus any variations of this needed for LFS and/or MICS weighting and estimation
  • recommendations from the RMI HIES experiment – including use of CAPI
  • material from Part 1 of the Pacific Sampling Guidelines.

The sampling workshop has the following objectives:

  • Provide sampling and planning support to PICT National Statistics Offices NSO), in preparation for household surveys scheduled in 2020 – 2021 with a focus on:
    • Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES)
    • LFS (Labor Force Survey)
    • UNICEF MICS (Multi Indicators Cluster Survey)
  • Build PICT NSO capability in the following methods and tools for household surveys:
    • sampling concepts and theory
    • computation of sample sizes
    • run the random selection
    • implementation of survey field plan and budget
    • documentation of sampling strategy
  • Promote PSMB (Pacific Statistics Method Board) recommendations and guidelines to PICT NSOs, and support them in implementing these - including:
    • recommendations from the Republic of the Marshall Islands HIES Experiment
    • the Pacific Sampling Guidelines – Part 1

Useful Materials

Presentation Documents and Links
Agenda pdf
List of Participants pdf
D1-Key messages pptx
D1 S2-Introduction to Sampling Concepts - 2020 pptx
D1 S2-Exercise 1 pptx
D2-Key messages pptx
D2 S3-Stratification Concepts and Formalization pptx
D2-Exercise 2 Stratification pptx xlsx
D2 S5-Cluster Effects pptx
D2 S5-Design Effects pptx
D2-Exercise 3 Multistage pptx xlsx
Sampling Guidelines for the Pacific - Part 1 pdf
D3-Documentation of Sampling in HH Survey pptx
D3-Non-Response and other implementation challenges HP pptx
D4-Study Description Data Documentation Initiative docx
D5-Introduction to Weighting pptx
D5-Non-sampling errors pptx
D5-HES1819 Sample Design Overview pptx
D6-Random selection spreadsheet xlsx
D6-1 Recap on week1 pptx
D6-2 Random selection pptx
D6-3 Preparation of field work pptx
D6-4 Budget pptx
D6-Survey Budget Template xlsx
D7-Labour Force Survey 2019 ILO Modules pdf
D7-Regional HIES Questionnaire-Recall pdf
RMI HIES Experiment pptx