Webinar 2: What role can registers play in meeting the data requirements sought by a Population and Housing census?

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BAG, UNSD, Paris21

​Areas to be covered:

  • The Netherlands register-based census: Rationale, approaches, pros and cons and key experiences and lessons learnt.
  • National Strategies for the development of Statistics (NSDSs); a critical requirement in strengthening use of administrative data/registers for official statistics.
  • A synthesis of key insights and lessons learnt from the adoption of register or administrative data for census statistics in different parts of the world.


Eric Schulte Nordholt studied mathematics at the University of Utrecht and econometrics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is a senior researcher and project leader at Statistics Netherlands. After graduating in Mathematics and Econometrics, Eric Schulte Nordholt joined Statistics Netherlands in 1992. He first worked in the department of Statistical Methods and since 1996 he is working in Social Statistics. In 1995 he had a secondment at Eurostat in Luxembourg and in 2006 at Statistics New Zealand. Eric Schulte Nordholt contributed several times to statistical courses. He is responsible for the Dutch Virtual Census where all tables are estimated based on already existing data sources (registers and surveys). Eric Schulte Nordholt acted as an observer in the Censuses of 2011 (in Kosovo) and 2013 (in Bosnia-Herzegovina) on behalf of the Council of Europe. He presented his work at various conferences and has published in different refereed journals.

Philippe Gafishi is the Regional Programme Coordinator, Africa Region, and leads the Statistical Capacity Development Team at PARIS21. He supports countries and regions to strengthen capacity development of statistical systems across a wide data-ecosystem environment to promote data production, quality, dissemination and use. Philippe has over 25 years’ experience and in-depth knowledge of country statistical systems in Africa. Prior to joining PARIS21, Philippe was a resident technical advisor to the Statistician General of the Gambia Bureau of Statistics. Philippe is also a former Director General of the Rwanda national statistics office and worked with several organisations in statistical development.

Ian Cope worked at the UK Office for National Statistics for nearly 30 years; was responsible for the operational aspects of the 2011 Census in England and Wales; and was, until 2018, the Census Director for the 2021 Census. He also had responsibility for the ONS’ 'Admin Data Census' which seeks to explore the use of admin data to supplement the census after 2021. From August 2018 until February 2020 Ian was one of eight members of the New Zealand 2018 Census External Data Quality Assurance Panel as their ‘International Census Expert’ https://www.stats.govt.nz/news/2018-census-external-data-quality-panel-confirmed.

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Pacific Round Table session 2 on registers and administrative data

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