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Webinar 3: Understanding the key requirements for the utilisation of registers for census statistics

Kind of event
Joint Partner
BAG, UNSD, Paris21

Areas to be covered

  • Establishing, running and using population registers: The Norwegian experience.
  • Civil registration systems in the Pacific; A Critical foundation for functional population registers.
  • The journey towards application of combined methods for 2020 Population Census: Experience from Indonesia.


Helge Brunborg is a demographer and a retired researcher from Statistics Norway. He has also worked at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). He holds degrees in economics/demography from the universities of Oslo (MA) and Michigan (PhD). Since his retirement he has primarily worked on CRVS, measurement of statelessness, international recommendations on refugee statistics, the demography of armed conflict, and long demographic time series, for Norwegian and international institutions.

Margareta Carlsson has worked at Statistics Sweden since 1998, with statistics on wages, salaries, labor costs and structural business statistics and the last nine years with population, migration and census statistics. She worked with Sweden’s first fully register-based census (2011) and will be the project leader for the Census 2021. She was a national expert at Eurostat in 2002, working with the ad-hoc module in the Labor Force Survey. She is now a member of the task force on future EU censuses at Eurostat, who is currently working on the new framework regulation on population, census and migration.

Gloria Mathenge is a civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) advisor at the Pacific Community (SPC), where she also serves as the lead coordinator of the Brisbane Accord Group-a consortium of partners that support the development of CRVS systems in the Pacific Islands region. She holds degrees in population studies and Public Health from Makerere University (Bsc) and Jomokenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (Msc). Gloria is passionate about CRVS systems and their potential in promoting good governance and human development. Her current research interests are in record linkage and the development of population registers.

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Pacific Round Table session 3 on registers and administrative data

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