9th Statistics Methods Board Meeting (PSMB)

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Time: 11.30 – 14.30 (Auckland time) 

The Pacific Statistics Methods Board was established to provide oversight and guidance on the statistical methods, systems and procedures used by Pacific Island Countries and Territories. This is to ensure that they are in line with international best practices, while at the same time relevant to our region’s unique situation.

During the 9th meeting, the PSMB’s reviewed TOR will be presented, along with updates on the PSMB Commissioned Works and the PACSTAT project, as per the attached agenda.

An open session will take place during the second day; Government Statisticians, methodologists and all NSOs’ staff from the Pacific region are invited to participate to a discussion on their experience in conducting census in a covid-19 environment.

Useful Materials

Presentation Documents and Links
PSMB9 Apr 2022 Agenda pdf
PSMB8 Oct 2021 Meeting report link
PSMB8 Oct 2021 Meeting summary report pdf
PSMB9 PPT CW2-Climate Change module pptx
PSMB9 PPT Innovative experiment - FAFH pptx
PSMB9 PPT Tuvalu LFC pptx
PSMB9 PPT Remote Technical Support on CAPI pptx
PSMB9 PPT 2021 Nauru Population and Housing Census pptx
PSMB9 PPT 2021 Samoa Population and Housing Census pptx
PSMB9 PPT Vanuatu-Lessons learned in conducting census in a covid-19 pptx
PSMB9 PPT Administrative data in census - ESCAP pptx
PSMB9 Use of administrative data in population censuses in PICs pdf
PSMB9 April 2022 Meeting summary report and outcomes link