11th Pacific Statistics Methods Board Meeting (PSMB)

Brisbane, Australia
Kind of event

Following the ABS 2023 Pacific Statisticians Leadership Forum, the 11th Pacific Statistics Methods Board (PSMB) meeting, hosted by the Pacific Community (SPC), will be held on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th May 2023, in Brisbane, Australia. The PSMB was established to provide oversight and guidance on the statistical methods, systems and procedures used by Pacific Island Countries and Territories. This is to ensure that they are in line with international best practises, while at the same time relevant to our region's unique situation.

Useful Materials

Presentation Documents and Links
PSMB11 May 2023 Agenda pdf
Session 1.a.1 Climate Change Sourcebook Data collection on the impacts of climate change at the HH level in PICTs pptx
Session 1.a.1 Climate Change Sourcebook pdf
Session 1.a.1 Policy Brief Outline pdf
Session 1.b.1 Dissemination Guidance Note pptx
Session 1.a.2 Requests for Proposals pptx
Session 1.b.1 Guidance Note 2 Microdata Dissemination, Draft pdf
Session 2.1 Achievements pptx
Session 3 Cover note pdf
Session 3 Equality Insights overview, conceptual framework, selected resources pdf
Session 3 IWDA Tool Development Report pptx pdf
Session 4 Small Area Estimation (SAE) for SDGs pptx
Session 5.1a Structured data dissemination with PDH.stat pptx
Session 5.2.a Rationalisation of statistical data exchange pptx
Session 5.2.b Source code management and version control pptx
Session 6 Classification pptx
Session 7 Quality Assurance Framework for Statistics pptx
Session 7 Roadmap for NQAF implementation -- UNSC54 pdf
Session 8 Proposals StatsNZ pptx
PSMB11 May 2023 Report and Outcomes pdf