2nd Technical Workshop on Statistical Literacy and Capacity Development for the Pacific

Nadi, Fiji
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SPC (Pacific Community), being a development organization, is working with multisectoral international and national stakeholders to respond to the Pacific challenges. SPC’s Statistics for Development Division (SDD) has the principal role in the implementation of the Ten Years Statistics Strategy (TYPSS) which outlines the development of capacity and capability across the region as an important milestone to achieve in the coming years. SDD in this regard works closely with a wide community of donors, the United Nations, and its divisions, for example, the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) which also serves as the secretariat of the Global Network of Institutions for Statistical Training (GIST), and the UN’s Statistics Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP). This collaboration builds more sustainable statistical capacities through efficient, effective, and harmonized delivery of training at the sub-regional level that will enable the production and use of quality data and statistics. 

One of the challenges, for the Pacific countries, is the statistical capacity scores, e.g., Statistical Capacity Indicator (SCI) and Statistical Performance Indicator (SPI) developed by the World Bank, which consistently fall below the average scores from other regions of Asia and the Pacific. The challenges to improvement of scores also are linked to the applicability of such scores for the Pacific which requires region-specific contextualisation and then Pacific Statistical Capacity could be benchmarked that could help the region to develop over the years on these grounds.


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Concept note pdf
Participant List pdf
Agenda pdf
Example of Stakeholders' mapping Ki xlsx
Statistical Capacity Framework xlsx
SPI Review and Contextualization xlsx
Statistical laws docx
NSO Resource Picture 5 xlsx
Day1.1 SLCD2 What is Statistical Literacy C. Bontemps (SIAP) pdf
Day1.2 SLCD2 What is Statistical Literacy N. Akhtar (SPC) pdf
Day2.1 SLCD2 Statistical Performance Indicators P. Ellis (SPC) pdf
Day2.2 SLCD2 Strengthening Pacific MEL (PacMEL) pptx
Day2.3 SLCD2 Statistical Literacy N. Akhtar (SPC) pptx
Day3.1 SLCD2 Case Study Policy Process Mapping E. Ragimana (SPC) pptx
Day3.2 SLCD2 Statistical capacity development overview P. Ellis (SPC) pptx
Day3.3 SLCD2 Statistical capacity development N. Akhtar (SPC) pptx
Day3.4 SLCD2 Stat Literacy How Not-ToLie C. Bontemps (SIAP) pdf
Day4.1.1 SLCD2 Stats Legislation P. Patino (PARIS21) pptx
Day4.1.2 SLCD2 NSDSSPCworkshop P. Patino (PARIS21) pptx
Day4.2.1 SLCD2 Indicators Exercise Template C. Ryan xlsx
Day4.2.2 SLCD2 Indicators Workshop Exercise C. Ryan docx
Day4.3 SLCD2 Indicators Exercise Template and Answers C. Ryan xlsx
Day4.4 SLCD2 Identifying National Indicators C. Ryan pptx
Day5.1 SLCD2 SIAP Training Courses Update pdf
Day5.2 SLCD2 SLCD in the Pacific N. Akhtar (SPC) pptx
Day5.3 SLCD2 Capacity Development Needs Assessment N. Akhtar (SPC) pdf