PSD Steering Commitee Phase I and II

Noumea, New Caledonia
Kind of event

Draft agenda:

DAY ONE (Reflection and close-out)

  • Welcome to NC cotume ceremony
  • PSD Steering Committee Meeting
    • PSD end of year progress report
    • PSD Final Evaluation and Case Studies Reports
    • Discussion on findings, recommendations and lessons learned
    • Update on the PSDII
  • PSDII and PDH governance discussion
  • Data governance discussion (optional)
  • Ideas for an excursion and/or a cocktail event? (optional)

DAY TWO (Future focused)

  • Workshop: Looking to the future
    • what does the future of statistics and data look like for the Pacific?
    • how do we improve member engagement?
  • Our work in Pacific Statistics and Data
    • A journey across the data value chain from collection and publication to uptake and impact
    • An exploration of SDD and PDH tools, partnerships and collaboration
    • How does PSDII support SPC flagships?
  • Member collaboration
    • DINUM NC Gouv - the Global Data Barometer and the Pacific Dataviz Challenge
      • we could ask DINUM to host this at their offices or at Station N (the NC government innovation incubator hub) 
    • Examples from other members and opportunities for doing more