Regional Conference on Household Income and Expenditure Surveys (HIES) and Economic Statistics

Suva, Fiji
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In the Pacific Region, data from Household Income and Expenditure Surveys (HIESs) are one of the most important sources for a country’s National Accounts and are also vital for rebasing a country’s Consumer Price Index (CPI). These uses are often cited as one of the principal motivations for a HIES but the statisticians who fund, design and manage HIES surveys rarely have detailed knowledge of economic statistics. Similarly, because HIES surveys only occur every few years, National Accountants are often unfamiliar with the datasets HIES statisticians provide and the techniques required to incorporate them into the National Accounts. 

SPC and PFTAC have therefore decided to hold a one-week workshop to; provide recommendations on methods and tools that will enable HIES statisticians to supply National Accountants and CPI statisticians with the data they need; and to allow National Accountants and other Economic Statisticians to make better use of HIES data and combine it with other sources more effectively. The workshop will also give countries the opportunity to perform an analysis to identify gaps or opportunities for streamlining in their HIES instruments.

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Annex 2 - SPC/PFTAC HIES and Economic Statistics Workshop Concept note pdf