Geospatial support

Cartography plays an important role in all of the stages of the census/survey cycle. Maps are essential during the design and planning phases, as well as to assist with fieldwork. Maps are also excellent for visualising and disseminating all kinds of statistical data and indicators.

SDD is committed to promoting the use of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in statistical activities, and supports capacity strengthening through the following areas of work :

Cartographic support for statistical data collection activities to improve data quality and the efficiency of the preparatory and enumeration phases
  • Produce, archive and maintain geospatial datasets related to statistical data collection activities, mostly enumeration area frameworks and household locations.  
  • Generate mapping outputs: Overview maps to design, plan and estimate costs of the activities;  Enumerator maps to guide enumerators during the data collection field work. eg:
Abaiang field map
Image: Abaiang supervisor map
GIS capacity building
Development of maps and online mapping applications to better visualize and communicate data which are relevant for policy analysis and decision making
  • PopGIS , the user-friendly online mapping application provides access to a large collection of indicators.  
  • Ad hoc maps for census and surveys reports and analysis, thematic atlases, disaster preparedness and relief etc.
Cyclone Winston Potential Impacted Population
Image: Cyclone Winston
Geospatial analysis to enhance statistical data and make it more relevant

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