PDH.stat: Development indicator database

The old National Minimum Development Indicator (NMDI) database is now offline.
The NMDI indicator list has been reviewed, and the new set of indicators have been incorporated into PDH.stat.

SDD maintains a state-of-the art interactive indicator database called PDH.stat. The database builds on the success of the now outdated NMDI database and contains a wide range of Pacific development indicators including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

An interactive indicator list can be found below.

  • Click the [+] to show a dataset description.
  • Click on the dataset title to open the dataset.
    Where a dataset contains more than one indicator, a list of indicators are also displayed.

Alternative ways to connect and collect data from PDH.stat

Data Explorer browser interface

You can view, query and download data directly from your internet browser


Create a live connection between PDH.stat and your Excel Workbooks, Power BI reports, STATA, R or Python applications, etc.

SDMX .stat API

A Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange (SDMX) API for programmatically accessing and retrieving the full range of published data and indicators.

More about PDH.stat and the .Stat Suite

PDH.stat is an instance of .Stat Suite, a product developed by the Statistical Information System Collaboration Community (SIS-CC). The community works to deliver digital solutions for official statistics, continuously investing in the development of the .Stat Suite under a community model that delivers on a common strategy.