Microdata Library

The Pacific Data Hub - Microdata Library is a gateway to the Pacific region’s survey, census, and administrative-based microdata and documentation. It is a central repository, online cataloguing and dissemination system of Pacific Island statistical microdata, metadata, reports and documents. It is a service established to facilitate access to microdata that provide information about people living in Pacific Island developing countries, their institutions, their environment, their communities and the operation of their economies. SPC provides safe access to microdata via its Pacific Data Hub-Microdata Library to enable research and analysis that benefits Pacific Island people.

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Microdata Library

Project status

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Recent updates

  • New version of PDH Microdata Library
    June 5, 2023 on Microdata Library
    The PDH Microdata Library has been updated to the latest NADA version.
  • Harvesting metadata between Microdata Library and Pacific Data Hub
    October 30, 2019 on Microdata Library
    Harvester has been setup and is now operational. All content in https://microdata.pacificdata.org/ is harvested once a day and catalogued in https://pacificdata.org/
  • Harvesting metadata between Microdata Library and Pacific Data Hub catalogue
    September 30, 2019 on Microdata Library
    A harvester is currently being developed to "pull" metadata from the Microdata Library across to the Pacific Data Hub dataset catalogue to improve discoverability of these datasets.
  • Significant increase in collections
    August 30, 2019 on Microdata Library
    Users will notice that in the last few weeks the number of collections (called "studies" in the Microdata Library) has gone from 138 to 570! These additional 432 studies are "placeholders" and haven't currently got any content. This allows us to add a link to all the collections in the collections calendar and then progressively add questionnaires when they become available (even if the collection is still in the field), background information, reports, microdata sets etc
  • Pacific Data Archive rebranded
    August 29, 2019 on Microdata Library
    The web address for the Pacific Data Library (PDL) has changed so it is now completely within the Pacific Data Hub. The new address is https://microdata.pacificdata.org and we are now calling it the Pacific Microdata Library (PML). The interface has also changed a little to match the branding/styling of the Pacific Data Hub.