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Draft harmonisation guidelines have been released! Please see below.

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About the project

New Approaches to Sample Design in Small Island States


On Going

Among other planning, evaluation and indicator frameworks, the Sustainable Development Goals require the production and reporting of statistics that can be disaggregated by various sub-populations, such as sex, age, wealth quintile and disability status.  The small size, and geographic spread, of Pacific populations pose significant challenges to achieving disaggregated and statistically significant reporting of progress against development indicators.  The collection of data that can produce disaggregated indicators with a reasonable degree of accuracy, is expensive, particularly considering the geographic context of the Pacific region, and it places significant demand on statistical systems, including respondent burden resulting in ‘survey fatigue’.

In response to these challenges, the Statistics for Development Division (SDD) of the Pacific Community (SPC), in collaboration with partners, is developing has developed a series of sampling guidelines for the Pacific region.

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