New blog for NSO web administrators

Update from Tuesday, October 29, 2019

A new blog has just been launch for NSO web administrators at

This collection of articles and news aims at the following goals :

  • Provide technical tips to build and maintain a website with Wordpress
  • Get feedback and comments from web administrators
  • Inform NSO web administrators about updates made within Wordpress and the NSO network
  • Announce new website launches and updates

A few articles have already been posted, but many more to come.

About the project

NSO Websites Network

NSO Websites Network Hero

Most National Statistics Offices websites have been using Joomla in the past, and many have expressed their wish to move to WordPress content management system. SDD, who provides support to the majority of NSOs across the Pacific, has addressed this request.

During the NSO Web Admin workshop in September 2019, SDD introduced the NSO network project, which is based on WP Multisites and the new NSO Theme for WordPress.

Learn more about the NSO network and how SPC members can join.

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