Tuvalu PopGIS3 updated. 2017 Population and Housing Census data now available.

Update from Monday, September 26, 2022

Click on the image to view the data into PopGIS.

PopGIS3 Tuvalu Population Housing Census 2017


About the project

PopGis v3

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On Going

PopGIS2 has been a very popular application for users to access and visualize sub-national datasets through interactive maps and tables. In the last 12 months, PopGIS2 has had 8,000 hits across the 14 sites.

The 13 country sites contain primarily census datasets, though some also include education and poverty indicators, cyclone evacuation centres, school, household and hospital locations and more. There is also a regional site to access NMDI indicators for the Pacific.

In total, users have access to 11,000 indicators and 12,000 calculated values (proportions, ratios). All datasets, GIS layers and maps can be easily downloaded.

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