Population Grids

SDD is producing population grids for all Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) as an alternative to population statistics represented by administrative areas. Population grids represent data using square "cells". SDD is producing them at 100m x 100m (1 hectare).

Population grids are powerful tools for studying interrelationships between human activities and the environement. They are particularly useful for analysing phenomena, and their causes, which are independant of administrative boundaries such as flooding, disease outbreaks (I.e COVID relief/planning) etc

The population grids being generated for Pacific Island Countries and Territories by SDD are modelled using most recent census data projected where possible to the current year.

The images below show a sample city for each country.
Click on the population grid image to access country's full dataset via the Pacific Data Hub.

American Samoa

American Samoa Population Grid

Cook Islands

Cook Islands Population Grid

Federated States of Micronesia

FSM Population Grid


Fiji Population Grid

French Polynesia

Population Grid French Polynesia


Guam Population Grid


Population grid South Tarawa 2020

Marshall Islands (Republic of)

Marshall Islands Population Grid


Nauru Population PopGis 2020

New Caledonia

Population Grid New Caledonia 2020


Niue Population Grid

Northern Mariana Islands

CNMI Population Grid


Population Grid Vanuatu 2020


Samoa (Western) Population Grid

Solomon Islands

Solomon PopGIS Pop Map Sample


Population grid Tongatapu 2020


Population Grid Tuvalu 2020 - PopGIS Screenshot


Population grid Port Vila 2020

Wallis and Futuna

Wallis and Funuta Population PopGis 2020
Port Vila Population Grid Sample

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