SDG Dashboard

The Statistics for Development Division is currently working on a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Dashboard to provide easy access to Pacific SDG indicators. The Dashboard is being built within the Pacific Data Hub (see more below) and will allow users to explore, visualise and download SDG-specific datasets.

This new SDG Dashboard will dynamically pull data out of the PDH.stat indicator platform being implemented to replace the very popular, yet outdated National Minimum Development Indicator (NMDI) database which was established to report on Pacific development indicators including the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).



We hope to provide regular updates of progress on this page. All comments are welcome.

Pacific Data Hub
The Pacific Data Hub is an ambitious initiative aiming to connect people with knowledge and information on the Pacific, regardless of where those assets are stored. The data hub will either host data sets and knowledge products or just host information about data sets and knowledge products that are stored elsewhere.  In addition the Hub will:

  • Establish good data management and governance practices
  • Improve discoverability, accessibility, utility, useability of data (including good metadata)
  • Provide data stories and insights, maps, dashboards, visualisations
  • Federate Pacific data from within SPC and development partners
  • Provide advanced search functionality
  • Allow data curators to publish stories, insights and guidance which provide context for data consumers , especially member countries who may not have the capacity to do the analysis
  • Provide programmatic access to allow greater sharing of data with development partners, researchers, private sector etc
SDG Goals

Project status

On Going

Recent updates

  • Beta SDG Dashboard is Live
    March 9, 2019 on SDG Dashboard
    With the beta release of the Pacific Data Hub, the SDG Dashboard has already been released.
  • Mock-up SDG Dashboard
    April 30, 2018 on SDG Dashboard
    A “mock-up” platform for exploring the Statistics for Development’s is being developed, where you can visualise and download Pacific data relating to the SDGs.