Innovation in SDD

SDD Innovations provides an opportunity for you to participate in shaping the future direction of SDD. As we develop and test new ideas we will post them on this page and ask for you to give us your feedback.


Project Last update Status
Census Knowledge Base Logo Census Knowledge base - On Going
costal-mapping.png Coastal Population Mapping 27/02/2019 On Going
Microdata Library 30/10/2019 On Going
NSO Websites Network Thumbnail NSO Websites Network 29/10/2019 On Going
Dot Stat Logo PDH.stat 30/10/2019 On Going
PopGIS Table Joining Service (TJS) Plugin for QGIS - Completed
PopGIS3 Logo PopGis v3 23/07/2019 On Going
QGIS logo QGIS for Censuses, Surveys, and Analysis Manual 09/05/2019 On Going
SDD-User-Focus-icon SDD User Focus Project 22/09/2018 Completed
Sally-the-Specialist_icon SDD Website Redevelopment 25/06/2019 On Going
SDG in the pacific logo SDG Dashboard 09/03/2019 On Going

Recent Updates


Populating data

April 30, 2018 on PDH.stat
PDH.stat is currently being setup and populated with data.

Mock-up SDG Dashboard

April 30, 2018 on SDG Dashboard
A “mock-up” platform for exploring the Statistics for Development’s is being developed, where you can visualise and download Pacific data relating to the SDGs.

User Focus Survey Complete

December 23, 2017 on SDD User Focus Project
In September and October of 2017 we conducted a User Focus Survey to help better focus our websites and access to Pacific Data to address the needs of policy developers, planners, NGOs, civil society and development partners, as well as any other users.

Results ready for dissemination

September 28, 2017 on Coastal Population Mapping
A StoryMap has been setup to disseminate the results and a paper is currently being prepared to publish the methodology being used.