Methodology Knowledge Base

This knowledge base contains a collection of resources (documents, presentations, videos) to assist anyone wishing to embark on a population-based census or survey. All material is structured around the two timelines below, each listing the key stages in the collection and containing material to assist in the preparation and execution of the respective stages.

This material includes :

  • Project plans and budget templates,
  • Training material to help conduct each of the activities where training of field staff is required (household listing, pilot census, main census)
  • Tutorials to help with anything from updating map boundaries in a mapping application to conducting a census with tablets

Census Timeline

From planning to dissemination : key stages from 18 months before to 6 months after census night


- Setup a budget
- Coordinate stakeholders
- Choose collection technology

Household Listing

- Prepare field maps
- Enumerate Head of Household
- Count members

Pilot Census

Test questionnaire and Logistics using sub-sample of population

Last checks

Double-check and re-test any changes made after pilot census

Census Night

Monitor field operations - logistics are crucial

Data Processing

Clean census dataset and determine if areas have been double-counted or missed. Impute if necessary.


- Share census report factsheets + infographics
- Upload to online databases
- Document collection process