Microdata Library

What is the Pacific Data Hub Microdata Library

Microdata Library

The Pacific Data Hub - Microdata Library is a gateway to the Pacific region’s survey, census, and administrative-based microdata and documentation. It is a central repository, online cataloguing and dissemination system of Pacific Island statistical microdata, metadata, reports and documents. It is a service established to facilitate access to microdata that provide information about people living in Pacific Island developing countries, their institutions, their environment, their communities and the operation of their economies. SPC provides safe access to microdata via its Pacific Data Hub-Microdata Library microdata.pacificdata.org to enable research and analysis that benefits Pacific Island people.

Populated and maintained by the Statistics for Development Division (SDD) of the Pacific Community, the Pacific Data Hub – Microdata Library  allows users to search and access rich metadata - such as census/survey reports, manuals, questionnaires, lists of codes, and where available (and a country has agreed to its release), microdata. A systematic repository of the data generation activities of the agency, the hopes to ensure that all collected microdata are proficiently documented, widely disseminated, and properly preserved.

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Components of the Pacific Data Hub - Microdata Library

NADA components
  • Acquisition, documentation and dissemination of data (survey and census microdata, geospatial data, and selected administrative datasets).
  • Compliance with international standards and best practice (Data Documentation Initiative).
  • Standardization of survey and census datasets.
  • Access to Pacific Island Microdata for enhanced analysis and research.


What it does

Pacific Data Hub – Microdata Library   allows researchers to browse, search, compare, apply for access, and download relevant survey and census information from the Pacific Islands region and allows data producers to disseminate survey information in a secured environment, in compliance with their policies and regulations.

NADA process

Access the Microdata Library here and more information in the Terms of Use.