Vanuatu EMIS Training workshop

This year Vanuatu Education system has adopted the EMIS (Education Management Information System) system used by the Fijian Education System as a tool for collecting and storing Education statistical information, the Education system in Vanuatu has currently introduce the new Open VEMIS (Vanuatu Education Management Information System) system which is gradually planned to roll out the existing VEMIS system in 2018.


Thus, the EMIS training was conducted in Suva, Fiji from 9th – 11th June 2015 which involved the EMIS staff from both the Ministry of Education (MoE) in Fiji and Vanuatu that focuses on the Technical and the Training aspects of carrying out EMIS system. The 3 days training was coordinated by TA Collin Connelly with the assistance from MoE FEMIS (Fiji Management Information System) experienced staff in Fiji. The training was conducted separately with two (2) different groups, a) Technical group (Collin, Adrian, Lewis, Ray, Arun, Ravi, and Vili), b) Training group (Oztomea, Kitiana and Henry). The Technical group trained on the technical aspects of building the EMIS system, etc while Training group focuses on training aspects that is on Facilitating the Training to the EMIS users.