Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics week in Thailand


May 2016 saw the organisation of the very first Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics (APES) week. The Economic statistics week aims to provide a regular forum where countries and development partners may present and discuss the development and implementation of products related to the core set of economic statistics as defined in the Regional Programme on Economic Statistics. In particular, the APES week is designed to:

▪ Share research on the implementation of international standards with a view to facilitate the uptake of newly developed methodologies;

▪ Encourage economic statistics research and information sharing on themes and areas prioritised by member States;

▪ Facilitate and support analytical work by national statistical systems on economic statistics outputs as well as production, processing and dissemination frameworks. Attending the conference on behalf of SPC were economic statisticians Rens Hendriks and Nilima Lal, who gave a presentation on best practices in the establishment and adoption of Standard Business Registers in the Pacific. Furthermore, SPC and other development partners provided updates on the implementation of their work plans in relation to the regional programme on economic statistics. In the Pacific, the goals of the regional programme have been aligned with the national development priority agenda’s and are integrated in the Ten Year Pacific Statistics Strategy.

The first APES week was a great success, made possible by the contributions by member countries and the excellent organisation and facilitation by United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), Asian Development bank (ADB) and Unites Nation Statistics Division (UNSD). From the Pacific Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Samoa attended, with Fiji giving a presentation on the research and development of its Tourism Satellite Account. The knowledge and experiences shared will prove to be of great value in the accelerated implementation of Phase 2 of the Ten Year Pacific Statistics Strategy and the Regional Programme on Economic Statistics.