SDD Newsletter - November 2016

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Data Analysis training conducted by the SPC-EMIS team for the Solomon Islands Education Management Information System (SIEMIS) team, Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD), 1–10 November

The MEHRD in Solomon Islands requested the SPC-EMIS team to provide technical assistance on the drafting of the 2015 Performance Assessment Report (PAR). A training was conducted in Honiara, Solomon Islands from 1–4 November with SIEMIS staff, as well as some staff of the Policy and Planning strategic management.

Brisbane Accord Group (BAG) meeting, 25–27 October

The Brisbane Accord Group (BAG), under the leadership of the Pacific Community (SPC), held their annual meeting on 25–27 October in Suva, Fiji. The purpose of the meeting was to review progress made with regards to implementation of the Pacific Vital Statistics Action Plan (PVSAP) over the past year, to identify and address emerging issues/priorities, and to plan for the next phase of implementation.

World Statistics Day, 20 October

On World Statistics Day, the EU-supported intra-African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Pacific Agriculture Policy Programme (APP) took the opportunity to promote the updated and revised Agriculture and Forestry National Minimum Development Indicators (NMDIs). The NMDIs are housed on the Statistics for Development Division’s (SDD) Pacific Regional Information System (PRISM), and were established in 2010 in response to a request from the Heads of Planning and Statistics for a set of core indicators to help monitor development progress in the region.

Nauru Education Management Information System (Ron EMIS) workshop on use of education statistics to support planning and decision-making, 3–10 October

The Republic of Nauru (RON) Department of Education, in partnership with SPC, held a successful workshop from 3–10 October in Yaren, Nauru. The objective of the workshop was to review the Department of Education data collection and reporting systems and to rationalise the Republic of Nauru Education Management Information System (Ron EMIS) data collection tools.

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