The Pacific Nutrient Database User Guide (PNDB)


We are pleased to introduce the Pacific Nutrient Database (PNDB) User Guide – an outcome of long-term efforts made by the Pacific Community (SPC), the University of Wollongong (UOW) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

The PNDB is designed to facilitate the use of data, primarily derived from Household Income and Expenditure Surveys, to conduct poverty, nutrition and food security oriented analysis in the Pacific region. Through its concordance with international classification and food groups, the database will facilitate rapid and comparable consumption-oriented analysis. These analyses will guide evidence-driven policy to support vulnerable populations, such as those who are in poverty and those who are food insecure.

At a national and regional level, the PNDB is an instrument that will support the establishment of a baseline to work towards alleviating the triple burden of malnutrition – the coexistence of undernourishment, nutrient deficiencies, and obesity – that is hampering the development of the Pacific people and their economies. It will also support the derivation of an evidence base to alleviate poverty, achieve food security and improve nutrition in all of their dimensions.

The development of the database brought together the comparative advantages of SPC’s Statistics for Development Division, FAO and UOW and it was this partnership that supported the development of the PNDB.

The PNDB is an instrument that complements data analysis and ensures consistency among different data users’ statistical outputs.

Download the Pacific Nutrient Database User Guide (PNDB)
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The PNDB content can be explored and downloaded via the user friendly PDH.stat Data Explorer. Various tools also allow users to connect to the dataset via Excel, Stata, R, Python and PowerBI. See Pacific Data Hub User Guide.